Karen Pomerantz     - Author


My debut novel, ‘Bring the Thunder’, is released 4th october 2019

Bring the Thunder is a thriller... with added roller derby.

The night Sam witnessed a murder she became a marked woman.

It was supposed to have been a fun night out with her roller derby league. Soon afterwards, the kidnap attempts start and people around Sam keep turning up dead.

In a city still feeling the hurt and paranoia of recent terrorist attacks, police corruption leaves Sam with nowhere to turn. She can only rely on herself to fight against her tormentors.

Can she find the will she needs to survive, to hit back, and to stop many more innocent lives from being destroyed?

It's time for Sam to step up.

It's time to bring the thunder.

Falling somewhere between a young adult novel and a crime-thriller oriented towards adults, BRING THE THUNDER is a thriller with added roller derby and the debut novel from real-life rollergirl Thunder Kaz, from Northampton, UK.

The events in this story follows those in novelette TRAPPING HONEY, which is available now. Those familiar with Trapping Honey will find a more mature Sarah Honey featuring in 'Bring the Thunder', shaped by her previous ordeal, and keen to make a difference in others' lives.